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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many times can I refill toner into a cartridge?
Varies according to condition and type of cartridge - some cartridges would tolerate up to 2 or 3 refills. However, customers should expect manufacturing variations within certain models. Most times, OEM cartridges would have higher number of refills than remanufactured cartridges.
2. Will using a remanufactured toner cartridge void my printer's warranty?

Yes, doing so would void customers of their printers’ warranties - according to all printer manufacturers, using a remanufactured toner cartridge will affect coverage under the printer's warranty.

3. Do refilled and compatible cartridges last as long as the originals?

Yes - the yield of a toner cartridge is dictated by the amount of printing on a page and the printer settings.

4. Is refilling toner into cartridge harmful to the printer or copier?

Yes, if not refilled with care or using the right kits and components – customers often seek the cheapest toner powder and kit to refill toner cartridges. This approach positions them in being exposed to the risk of obtaining low quality toner powder that is harmful to printers and copiers.

5. What is the shelf life of toner powder?

1 – 2 years – if kept in a controlled environment and sealed in packaging, toner powder has a shelf life of 1-2 years.

6. Can I use Jadi’s toner powder in printers/copiers that are not recommended in Jadi’s product list?

No guarantee for non-recommended models - as a manufacturer, Jadi’s toner powder is developed and tested through rigorous processes to ensure that the print quality is equivalent to OEM’s standard. Therefore, the product list displays all printers and copiers that were tested with Jadi’s toner powder. As a result, it is recommended that customers abide by the product list when using Jadi’s toner powder.

7. Are new compatibles the same as re-manufactured (recycled) cartridges?

No - a new compatible is a cartridge that is made from brand new parts (to mimic the original parts) to replace damaged or defected original parts. While for a re-manufactured cartridge, it is made from a combination of new and recycled components. In most cases, the body of the cartridge is the original body that was made by OEMs. Many of the parts inside the cartridge are reused original components that may have been cleaned and left for a second cycle.

8. Why is my page yield lower than the OEM standard in the product’s page?

Page yield is commonly rated with the assumption that customers such as yourself would consume the toner cartridges with standard printout of ISO standard (5% page coverage) - manufacturers estimate that a page of text (no photos or graphics) will use toner on approximately 5% of the paper (100% coverage would signify that the page is completely covered with toner). So, when manufacturers rate a cartridge at “2,500 yield”, it deems that about 2,500 pages of text at 5% coverage can be printed before it runs out of toner. However, please note that many print jobs vary and actually use more than 5% coverage. Paper size and type of print (graphic or image) would also determine the result of printouts.

9. Why does my printout has defects?

Please thoroughly check condition of all components of the cartridge and refill toner powder according to industry standards - although the toner powder remains to be a vital part of the printing process, the steps taken to refill the toner powder or condition of the cartridge can lower the printout quality. Therefore, please do check if both conditions (steps taken to refill the toner powder and condition of the cartridge) have been met prior to filing a complaint. If in doubt, feel free to consult Jadi’s customer support for more information on how to prevent defective printouts.

10. How can I tell if my toner is defective?

Run a thorough check on the cartridge and other components - whether you buy OEM or compatible cartridges, there is a chance that you will receive a defective cartridge. While some cartridges are clearly defective (arriving with broken parts or leaking), other defects in printing could be due to several other factors. Marks and lines on a printed page can also result from a low toner. To check if this is the issue, attempt taking it out and shaking it. If this resolves the problem, it is time to order a new batch of toner as your toner is simply close to empty.

11. Why is my bottle / foil bag not completely filled with toner?

To prevent the bursting of product packaging due to external forces – during shipment of products, Jadi is unable to fully guarantee that forwarding / courier companies would not mishandle the goods. Therefore, to prevent external forces from easily causing the bursting of the packaging, air space is accommodate to absorb possible dent or damages. Other than that, Jadi’s toner is produced as very fine particles; therefore, the toner grammage would look less than it is stated over time, unless shaken.

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