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Jadi Care KN95 Five Layers Filter Protection Facemask (1 Box, 20 Pcs)

Highly-Recommended High Filtration, Low Resistance & More Natural Can Filter Harmful Gases or Odours Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Dust Protection Reduce Skin Irritation High Elastic Strap
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Welcome to JADI LIFE!
Our mission is to help and satisfy the desire of every human being to stay safe from any unwanted things when the epidemic is raging. With that, we introduce our trusted brand JADICARE with internationally equivalent quality and recognized for its effectiveness in helping you to stay healthy. Get our health products from ShopeeMall and you do not have to worry because we will guarantee you will always be 100% satisfied with the offer we provide. Shop at home, shop with us. We are JADICARE and WE CARE FOR YOU.

<Single Use Disposable Mask>
* Non-Medical Mask That Meets an ISO/CNAS Standard (Highly-Recommended)
* 5 Layers Effective Protection (High Filtration, Low Resistance and More Natural)
* 95% Particulate Filtration Efficiency (Can Filter Harmful Gases or Odours)
* 95% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Dust Protection)
* Made of Skin-Friendly Non-Woven Fabric (Reduce Skin Irritation)
* Comfortable and Safe to Wear (High Elastic Strap)