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About Us

Jadi Life Solutions (formerly known as Jaditoner) first emerged as a printing supplies brand that was distributing a wide range of cartridges through e-commerce in 2015. A small team set up as an experiment, it was operating under its sister company which is a toner powder manufacturer, Jadi Imaging Technologies Sdn. Bhd.


Jaditoner started off as a printing supplies brand that emphasises on brand new quality cartridges offered at factory-direct prices through e-commerce. Seeing growth in consumers to shop smarter, Jadi Life brings its own range of direct-toconsumer brands from local to global manufacturers. Spreading its distribution channels to online and offline, Jadi Life aims to help consumers Discover Value in the long-term.


Jadi Life is the digital-centric brand that helps consumers be smarter in finding best value in quality products at affordable prices. Building on this mindset, we are creating a culture to be curious and to know the value of quality products that are not only perceived by the brands or labels that are tagged on them – with better accessibility to said products. From office to school supplies, Jadi Life also has an active role in the creative supplies and health care segments.

The Smart Company For Smarter Consumers

Jadi Life products undergo strict quality control and testing procedures. We ensure all our products are authentic and are not counterfeits, second-hand, or damaged. Jadi Life customer feedback are taken seriously. We check, test, and verify every review given to our products and services. Jadi Life enquiries are heard and considered in the company’s current and future growth strategies. We listen and adapt to the market needs every day.



Jadi Life’s ethos is to continue evolving as a living brand, adapting to current and future generations’ needs in their daily lifestyle.




Jadi Life collaborates with local and global manufacturers, bringing its own direct-toconsumer brands to enrich consumers.

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