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Fun & Easy Things You Can Create Using 3D Printer

Jan 18,2023 | Jadi Life

Technology advancement is progressively growing and made daily life become easier, with latest 3D printer technology has become a new phenomenal. During old times, printing out 3-dimensional figures seems impossible and people could only imagine to create such 3D model.

However, the vision of people now have become a reality. It’s a life changing for fun seeker and enthusiast out there. These group of people can finally explore new things for their hobby and passion. Moreover, there are wide range of 3D printer segment from the most affordable to the priciest. Anyone can afford 3D printer and give it a try!

Perhaps, in future, 3D printer will be an essential appliance in each household like 2D printers nowadays. Well, why not? 3D printer is beneficial for everyone and it’s not limited for a certain group of people only. Everyone are entitled to use and try 3D printer. If you have the interest and you are keen to learn of new thing then you should try 3D printing and create a new hobby using 3D printer.


For a beginner, these 5 things you can start create using 3D printer.

1) Print Your Favorite Character From Anime, Movie and Games

A die hard core fan out there will immediately fall in love with 3D printing as you can create your own favourite figurine. It’s cost saving though! You don’t have to spend your money to buy the merchandise as you can create, customize on your own and print out using 3D printer.

Probably, you can even start a business of selling the merchandise. Print your design in bulk and make it as keychain.


2) Print Your Studies Essential (Medical, Architecture, Fashion Designer)

3D printer would be a great assistant to a student. Even if you are not a student, the physical printed model of human organ like heart, a building and a blouse surely will help those who need to use a physical model that can be touch and felt for stimulating learning process.

For example, you can memorize blood circulation and respiratory process better as the physical printed model has more details for each of the heart pathway. You don’t have to stay overnight at lab anymore to use all of their 3D models because you can create it on your own in your room!

As an architecture student, you no longer have to create the mini building model for your layout plan because you can directly print from 3D printer. Same goes too fashion designer students, you can print your sample easily!


3) Print Your Household Appliances (Soap Stand, Handphone Stand etc.)

You need extra help with your messy small belongings? Sometimes, you don’t even remember where do you place your item because you were in rush and you just placed it randomly.

Buying extra household appliances is a good solution as you can systematically place all of your belongings but it also means you need to spend your money.

Why choose to spend your money when you can create your household appliances by yourself? Choose wisely my dear ;)


4) Print Your Decoration Home (photo frame, printable writing calligraphy etc.)

You have been to many stores and you still couldn’t find the exact design decoration that you desire? Why don’t you create your own design to satisfy your needs. Simple and easy just like a piece of cake!

You can decorate your home with your own design decoration and brag to your friends when they visit your house. It’s time for you to showcase your hidden talent. Deep inside your heart, your inner self, you are actually born to be a designer!


5) Print Your Children Toys (Mini Doll, Mini House, etc)

Children may throw tantrum when their need is not fulfilled. Even worse, they ask for expensive toys because all of their friends have it.

As a parents, guilt feelings suffocate yourself when you can’t fulfil your children demand. So, you can just create the toys they wanted using 3D printer, customize the colour and design to suit their demand. It’s more easier!